Scrap Metal Recycling Program

Save on your current or future orders with Alcon Industries by utilizing our buyback program and earning credit.
Worker Holding Pieces of Scrap Metal for Recycling

Cut Out the Middleman and Save On Your Order

Don’t just throw away old or damaged parts. Let Alcon Industries’ scrap metal recycler help you save money toward your next purchase by using those otherwise discarded pieces.

Our experienced craftsmen break down the metals and alloys in order to save against purchasing new stock, thus cutting costs for both ourselves and our customers.

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Save Money and Contribute to the Environment

Alcon’s Scrap Metal Recycling Program is a good way to clean up old inventory, save money and help the planet. By reusing metals and alloys in parts that are beyond repair, you are conserving natural resources while helping your bottom line.
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Reduces Costs

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Saves Materials

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Lessens Energy Consumption

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A Green Initiative

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Choose Alcon For Your Parts

Our Cleveland foundry is home to skilled and experienced design engineers, craftsmen, support staff and a sales team ready to assist you today.

With decades of experience in every department and a seasoned leadership ready to drive solutions, Alcon Industries drives solutions and transforms challenges into opportunities.

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Ready to Get Started?

Alcon’s expert designers and craftsmen are ready to discuss your next project. Let us know when you are ready to recycle your scrap and turn it into something new.
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