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Working with the latest SolidWorks software, our team brings the creativity and problem-solving skills to deliver the engineered metal products you need.

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Alcon Industries offers a full menu of custom and engineering design services. Whether you need to create something new, improve on a current design or reverse engineer an existing part, our experienced and trained team have the adeptness and technology to assist you.
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At Alcon, we pride ourselves in our design process engineering when delivering custom designs and engineering services. Whether you have blueprints, a physical example or just an idea, we plan, shape and craft it into production.
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Measured Results

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Choose Alcon for Your Custom Design and Engineering

With Alcon’s engineering, design and manufacturing teams all under one roof, our team is able to spec out any job to find the right solution for the part you need.

From our foundry in Northeast Ohio, we manufacture custom metal castings for some of the largest manufacturing companies in the world.

Driven by innovation, our products range from simple trays, fixtures and baskets to engine parts that keep the world humming.

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Alcon’s expert designers and craftsmen are ready to discuss your next project. Let us know what you are looking to design, and we can start moving forward.
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