Metal Alloy Casting and Fabrication

Our engineering team combines decades of skill, experience and ingenuity to provide trusted service and consistent, quality results.

Our Creativity with Metal is Built to Match Your Imagination

Whether providing standard metal fabrications or a customized casting products, Alcon’s trusted team of engineers, craftsmen and welders take and shape metals and alloys into every shape and size.

Through our time-tested process, we create components with intricate details and precise dimensions, delivering the required quantity of shapes and structures on time.

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Why We're Trusted by the Biggest Names in the Industry

Some of the largest manufacturing companies around the world trust Alcon Industries for their metal fabricator needs and casting. They know what we offer and we stand by our quality.
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Choose Alcon for your Casting and Fabrication Needs

Turn any design idea into the perfect part through our fast and efficient production methods. With state-of-the-art induction furnaces, custom metal casting molds, computer-controlled chemical analysis, and a robust robotic dipping system, we meet every quality and time requirement.
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Get More Out of Your Metal

Stretch your budget by leveraging our metal alloy recycling program. Learn how we turn your nickel or chrome alloy scrap into dollars with our Scrap Recycling Program.
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