Alcon is your go-to team for custom metal fabrications. From wrought radiant tubes to wire baskets, our expert welders deliver top-quality products worldwide.
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Fabrications Available in Any Shape, Size or Quantity

By combining the talents of our skilled craftsmen and the latest technology, our team is ready to produce rod frame baskets, muffles, retorts, steel fabricators and custom fabrications to any size, shape and quantity. We also produce corrugated boxes, serpentine trays, wrought radiant tubes and more.
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Ready to Cut, Shape and Mold Your Fabrication

Our welders are trained and experienced with a wide assortment of materials. They constantly seek the latest equipment and techniques to bring new opportunities to our customers. Whatever fabrication you need, we can cut, bend and weld it into shape.

Rod Frame Baskets

We cast and fabricate rod frame baskets for all furnace types. Standard rod frame designs available along with custom designs.

Corrugated Boxes

Strong and durable, corrugated boxes are available in any size, shape or design. Welded to high quality.

Serpentine Trays

Designed to withstand high temperatures and optimum performance during the heat treating process, our serpentine trays are lightweight and durable.

Muffles & Retorts

Our muffles and retorts are designed to protect your products during heat treatment and deliver control over any thermal environment.

Wrought Radiant Tubes

Through precise control over an alloy’s metallurgy and grain, our tubes are cast and machine-crafted in any wall thickness to resist heat and corrosion.

Custom Fabrications

Our product lines expand every day as customers bring us new ideas and needs. Check out our Custom Products to learn more.

The Pros of Fabrication

By manipulating metals and alloys into the fabrications you need, Alcon Industries offers the ability to obtain complex shapes without compromising precision or performance. We are expert steel fabricators.
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Design Flexibility

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Cost Effective

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Versatility With Materials

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Strength and Durability


Choose Alcon for your Fabrications

Turn any design idea into the perfect part through our fast and efficient production methods. With state-of-the-art induction furnaces, computer-controlled chemical analysis, and a robust robotic dipping system, we meet every quality and time requirement.
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