Investment Casting

Whether you are looking for our most common stainless steel investment casting products or something specially designed for a specific job, rely on our superior quality and diverse applications.

Precise and Reliable Casting Every Time

For stainless steel, our experienced staff, state-of-the-art induction furnaces, computer-controlled chemical analysis and robotic dipping system can produce any type of shell you can imagine.
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Check Out Our Investment Casting Products

Our investment casting process produces precise components with a minimum of material waste and energy - ideal for design engineers looking for specific designs. We handle low- and high-volume orders to meet any delivery schedule.

Casting Baskets

These specialized baskets securely hold wax patterns, allowing for proper alignment and spacing within any shell.

Cast Link Belts

Our cast link belts are mathematically precise, improving service life while minimizing binding and twisting.

Cast Serpentine Grids

With the flexibility of a fabrication and the inherent strength of traditional casting, serpentine grids allow for thermal expansion and contraction to minimize distortion and cracking.

Dedicated Fixtures

Our highly trained melting crews use state-of-the-art induction furnaces, computer-controlled chemical analysis, and a robust robotic dipping system to monitor the production of ceramic shells.

Load Bar & Part Contract Tooling

Engineered to handle the optimum load using surface tension to ensure safe transport, these and other automotive parts are an Alcon staple.

Furnace Parts

Cast, produced, and machined ready for furnace installation in the appropriate alloy.

Production Castings

Production castings, high volume raw casting for your production needs.

Custom Investment Castings

Have something unique that needs a custom design and build, check our Custom Products page to see how we turn your needs into reality.

The Pros of Investment Casting

Investment casting provides a great level of design flexibility, accuracy and intricacy, allowing us to cast complex designs such as thru-holes, slots and detailed profiles.
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High levels of accuracy

bright sun

Fine surface finishes

hand selecting three different shapes

Works with many materials and alloys

different shapes layered

Applicable to complex shapes

Expert Pouring Molten Steel into Cast

Choose Alcon for Your Investment Casting

Turn any design idea into the perfect part through our fast and efficient production methods. With state-of-the-art induction furnaces, computer-controlled chemical analysis, and a robust robotic dipping system, we meet every quality and time requirement.
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