Our Recap: The AISTech 2024 Event

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Alcon Industries engineers and other staff members attended the Association for Iron and Steel Technology (AISTech) Conference on May 6-9 in Columbus, Ohio. This event annually is one of the premier casting and fabrication conventions where experts gather to exchange ideas, share technical questions and meet other leaders in the iron and steel industry.

About AISTech 2024

AIST is an international nonprofit organization that supports and advances the interests of iron and steel development, production, processing and application. With 16,600 members in more than 70 countries on six continents, its 29 technology committees represent every facet of the iron and steel manufacturing process. AIST provides an industry network of education and sustainability experts.

AISTech 2024 featured more than 100 technical sessions and 300 individual presentations, creating a personalized path toward the topics that interests an individual and their goals.

With a mix of industry veterans and newcomers on hand at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, the event brought everyone under one roof where peers shared technical issues they face and conducted groupthink to find the solutions.

Conference sessions included discussions of iron making, steel casting, finishing processes and various engineering and equipment technologies.

Steel Casting Educational Sessions at AISTech 2024

Alcon engineers attended the following sessions. Reach out to us to discuss these and other topics.

Specialty Alloy and Foundry

This was a discussion about alloy and superalloy grade production, including stainless steel, the remelt process and innovations in refining, casting, scrap segregation and residual controls. Alcon’s trusted team of engineers, craftsmen and welders take and shape metals and alloys into every shape and size. Through our time-tested process, we create components with intricate details and precise dimensions, delivering the required quantity of shapes and structures on time.

Continuous Casting

Whether working with thin slab, thick slab, bloom, beam blank, billet or near-net-shape casting machines, there are emerging innovations and technology driving this part of the industry forward. Alcon’s design and production processes are time-tested, but we are always seeking ways to improve safety, quality, productivity and reliability while remaining energy efficient.

Metallurgy – Steelmaking and Casting

This session examined systems, approaches, methodology and equipment designed to improve steelmaking product quality, production and costs. Finding that balance allows Alcon to turn any design into the perfect part. Utilizing state-of-the-art induction furnaces, custom metal casting molds, computer-controlled chemical analysis and a robust robotic dipping system, we meet quality and time requirements every time.

Reach out and let us know if you were at AISTech 2024 and want to connect. We’d love to talk and share how Alcon can solve your metal and alloy needs.

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